I have Dysmenorrhea – meaning I have hell periods. I bleed very heavily and I go through an immense amount of pain, my monthlies including, but are not limited too; vomiting, fainting, all over fevers or cold sweats, and cramps that feel I’m sure worse than some pregnancies.

When I became a fully fledged vegan in January of this year one of my journey, my silent hope was that my periods and the pain I feel would subside to a more manageable dull hum – after all Freelee and other famous vegan names had promised me it was a wonder-cure.

So, 4 months and 4 periods in, what can I report?

To summarise my periods are much lighter – they still last an average of 5-6 days but they are much lighter than before, which is awesome.  I sleep better on my period (something that had always been a real problem) my pain, although still a good 7/10 on the agony level, is getting better from the previous 100/10.

Bloating, whilst still present , is more like a cute little chubby belly than a sumo wrestler style tummy of epic proportions.  My want- no- need for chocolate is still ever present, however that’s nothing a good old bar of dark vegan chocolate can’t fix.

Do I still want to cry and stab everything at the same time?  yes, but less so, and in that department any improvement is joyous.

I haven’t fainted or vomited since January either, which I can most certainly say is a plus.

So, does veganism cure painful periods; the verdicts still out, but eating cleaner and cutting out the icky hormones in dairy and meat have certainly aided in reducing overall pain and unhappiness. All in all,  would I say veganism is a magical period cure-no-however what I would say is if you have pain anything like mine during your monthlies, then it is worth giving it a go to see how it helps you.

I mean is there anything better than helping yourself whilst helping the planet, animals and environment.

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