Aries: The Vegan Inspirer

Most Likely to: Inspire others around them to turn to veganism through impassioned talk, and the occasional documentary recommendation.

Key Traits: Knows lots of bizarre facts, like how many millilitres of water a vegan saves every 34 seconds. Always challenging themselves to veganise the unexpected – I bet the inventor of the vegan cronut is an Aries.

Lucky Charms: Tiger lilies, the colour red, and courgettes.


Taurus: The Hippie Vegan

Most Likely to: Sing back to the birds in the morning, and to only eat the very, very best vegan food, they always know the best restaurants.

Key Traits: Always seeing the value in others, and in all things around them. Always looking for the plushest and most luxurious vegan products. You want a vegan bejewelled fluffy comforter – ask a Taurus.

Lucky Charms: Mallow plant, the colour blue, and walnuts.


Gemini: The Try-It-All Vegan

Most Likely to: Try raw veganism for a week only to then decide that they can’t actually live without Vego. Read every book about veganism, and highlight all the good bits.

Key Traits: Always wants to learn more about everything, not just veganism. Likely to try every vegan food ever (and every vegan diet) and gets excited when a new cult product comes out.

Lucky Charms: Lavender, the colour orange, and grapes.


Cancer: The Loving Vegan

Most Likely to: Stop mid-walk and point out fluffy squirrels, or flying bats in the evening. Make a next-level vegan Victoria sponge.

Key Traits: Gives the best hugs, likes to stay at home and watch Netflix with eat popcorn and snuggle.

Lucky Charms: Moonwort, the colour yellow, and sunflower seeds.


Leo: The Courageous Vegan

Most Likely to: Write a play about vegetables, give water to animals always regardless of the cost, and save bees.

Key Traits: Friendly and likely to organise fun food related activities at their house, which may or may not include karaoke.

Lucky Charms: Sunflowers, the colour orange, and bananas.


Virgo: The Healthy Vegan

Most Likely to: Convince their friends that crystals will heal them, and go running every morning and enjoy it!

Key Traits: Keyed up on health, and dedicated to staying healthy and happy, sympathetic and caring to others, with a great love of veggie bowls and green juices.

Lucky Charms: Narcissus, the colour cream, and cauliflower.


Libra: The Balanced Vegan

Most Likely to: Debate from a place of research and be constructive (legitimately the best sign for spreading positive vegan ideas), to listen to pod casts before they go to sleep.

Key Traits: Fair to all and understanding, can charm you into sharing your peanut butter vegan cookies.

Lucky Charms: Aloe vera plant, the colour pink, and red cabbage.


Scorpio: The Passionate Vegan

Most Likely to: Look like a peanut butter cookie dipped in Vego, and to be a master of saving money for things like 17 jars of nutritional yeast for the price of 10.

Key Traits: Mystical and sometimes serious, as well as very protective. Is very likely to bark back at dogs that bark at their cat.

Lucky Charms: Ivy, deep red colour, and beetroot.


Sagittarius: The Party Vegan

Most Likely to: Horde vegan ice cream, encourage all their friends and sometimes strangers to come and party with vegan finger food provided.

Key Traits: Very vocal and happy call people out on any bullsh*t, will try to help others and so, therefore, they are always ready to help any person struggling with avocado addiction.

Lucky Charms: Oak trees, the colour white, and avocados.


Capricorn:  The Organised Vegan

Most Likely to: Meal prep everything on a Sunday, go to a vegan festival with an already decided upon itinerary, to work endlessly on replicate a version of their favourite vegan dish.

Key Traits: Hard working and wise, offers the best advice to new vegans, and can always help you along your way.  

Lucky Charms: Weeping willow trees, the colour green, and green beans.


Aquarius: The Scientific Vegan

Most Likely to: Have read medical documents about veganism, and made their own fruit bowl out of recycled plastic bottles.

Key Traits: Can sometimes seem anti-social but, in reality, just likes time alone, kind and generous with money and, more importantly, mint cholate chip vegan cookies.

Lucky Charms: Olive trees, the colour light yellow, and radishes.


Pisces: The Creative Vegan

Most Likely to: Write a poem entitled ‘An Ode to the Sea Slug’, become somewhat addicted to hummus.

Key Traits: A theatrical sense of humour, and a love for all creatures, but a love for water creatures, they have probably adopted a river dolphin.

Lucky Charms: Poppies, the colour violet, and apples.

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