Hello, Vegan Scran followers!

You’ve probably been wondering why there haven’t been as many blog posts in the last few months. We promise we’ve had good reasons!

*drum roll*

We have made a shed-load of updates; and here are some of them!

We’ve Made It Faster

That’s right, we’ve made the viewing experience of Vegan Scran even better! We’ve changed how the site works so it’s even faster than it was before, especially good news if you are using 3/4G, as the update means you’ll use less data!

Speedy Recipes and Reviews for Everyone!

We’ve Upgraded the Gallery

Also a few months ago, we added a gallery page where we add all our favourite images, from cooking to wonderful days out. In this update, we added a button so that you can load the gallery gradually, meaning it’s quicker than previously. All thumbs up there!

You Can See the Social Share Count

We love to share our posts, and we love it when you guys share them too. So, we’ve added a feature where you can see how many times a post, recipe, or review has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – so get sharing.

You Can Now Rate Our Recipes

We’ve added a new feature on individual recipe posts where you can rate our recipes after you’ve tried them. This feature is available on all recipes, so go ahead and check out your old favourites, you could be the first to rate it!

What’s Next for Vegan Scran?

These updates are mainly focused on a faster, more user-friendly experience, but what will be the next thing that we add to the site to making it better? Well, here are a couple of things that we have in the pipeline and you can expect in the new year:

  • Adding Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts to the site
  • Introducing Google features that allow for faster mobile load times, and better viewing of recipes on Google search pages
  • New banners and recipe thumbnails to showcase the beautifully creative things we do daily
  • Possible revamp of the layout of the Vegan Scran site, but we won’t reveal too much about that 😉

Thanks for the support everyone! And, if you think that the site would benefit from a new feature, please feel free to leave a comment of what you would like to see on the site next – the possibilities are endless!

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