By definition vegan food is soul food, it’s food that nourishes the  soul and makes us feel happy, energised and positive. However, sometimes some more junky,comforting and traditional soul food is necessary to even the most clean of eaters. Some might think that without cheese, milk and meat, creating these meals must be challenging- they’d be wrong.  From chilli to vegan BBQ pulled mushrooms, vegan mac and cheese, coco oatmeal cakes, vegan cakes in general, oh and cookies yummy peanut butter cookies, the options are limitless, rather than limited! Just today I whipped up a tasty and perhaps a little junky BBQ pulled mushroom sandwich with soft bread, hummus and ‘slaw and  it was, if I do say so myself, delicious!

This is what it looked like:

Vegan soul food sandwich

Served with kiwi infused water and topped with lots of spring onions and cress. It was serious stuff!

To make pulled mushrooms quickly without use of a BBQ or smoker you can cook the mushrooms with a little garlic until tender, then use two forks to rip and tear them into strips, then simply mix with your favourite BBQ sauce and chow down! As someone who, in my previous life as a meat eater, ate many pulled pork BBQ sandwiches after the craze reached the British coast last year, I think it tasted comparable to many of the meat alternatives. Of course without the use of a smoker or BBQ the mushrooms lacked the smoky flavour, however with a product like liquid smoke I think it would have been entirely possible to achieve.

I will be posting a more detailed recipe for this yummy creation and a jack-fruit version on my new website in October!

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