White Rabbit Pizza Co: The Stonebaked Smokin’ Vegan

Here’s what the pizza looks like when it comes straight from the supermarket.

White Rabbit Pizza Company Pizza

Taste: -V

I hate to insult a vegan brand out there making everyone’s life easier, but I still have nightmares about eating this. It tasted like cardboard and regret.


The only upside to this pizza is the fact that you can literally go into Sainsbury’s and buy it ready-made and just pop it in the oven, which is about as easy as life gets.

Cost: VV

I think a fiver is a bit expensive for a pizza of this size – and this quality – but it’s not the most expensive pizza out there either.

Time: VVV

Takes about 10 – 15 minutes in the oven, which is quick. I must mention though that, during this time, no cheese on the pizza melts… NONE OF IT… So, you get warm chewy cheese.

Availability: VVVVV

If you have a Sainsbury’s close by, these are really easy to grab, however, I don’t suggest you do.


Unless in dire straits, I highly recommend getting literally any other vegan pizza. In fact, go into Sainsbury’s, buy a pizza base, add a load of veggies, and add loads of MELTING vegan cheese.

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