Turmerlicious: Choco, Ginger, and Vanilla Flavours

Turmerlicious Chocolate Flavour

Image courtesy of Turmelicious

Taste: VVVV

It’s a bit of a difficult one this is because I know only too well that not everyone will be a big fan of turmeric lattes in general. I, however, really love them hence the rating. My favourite of the three flavours I’ve tried is the vanilla but the ginger one is super for ‘time of the month’ – ginger helps with cramps – the chocolate one is my least favourite but overall, they are creamy, sweet, and a little bit spicy.


What’s easier than adding boiling water?

Cost: VV

I think £6.95 is a bit expensive, but that’s what you pay if you want a natural ready-made turmeric latte I suppose.


It’s the quickest thing ever, bam turmeric latte in 1.2.3…

Availability: VVVVV

You can buy it from Amazon so it’s pretty easy to get a hold-off.


If you want to try something new or have been recently reading about the anti-inflammatory and overall health benefits of turmeric and want an easy way to get it get more of it your diet, I would highly recommend. I’d also recommend, if you’re already a fan of turmeric lattes in general, as a quick alternative to homemade ones. However, if you want to make your own before making the plunge and buying a whole packet, here is my recipe for a home-made turmeric latte.

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