Sainsbury’s: Vegan Cheddar with Chives

Sainsbury's Vegan Cheddar With Chives

Image courtesy of The Independent

Taste: VVVVV

It’s a lovely vegan cheese that melts and has a realistic cheesy flavour. I’ve used it on cheese on toast (yum), on top of pasta (more yum) and even in home-made cheese sauces (yum again), and it’s delicious in all of them. The cheese doesn’t have a strong cheddar taste, but when compared to other vegan cheeses, it’s top of the bunch.


As you may have gathered, the product is versatile in a number of dishes and grates well.

Cost: VVV

I don’t think £2.25 is expensive but neither do I think it’s the most affordable thing ever if you’re on a budget. However, since it’s more of a treat product, I think it’s a fair price especially for the quality and amount of cheese.

Availability: VVVVV

If you have a Sainsbury’s close by and you get there before all the other cheese loving vegans, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on.


This is a great vegan cheese, which is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from the Sainsbury’s vegan cheese range; it’s got a great texture, taste, smell and it melts, which isn’t always the case with vegan cheese. I’d highly recommend it, but as I’m sure you’ve all guessed my heart still belongs to the caramelised onion vegan cheese.

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