Sainsbury’s: Vegan Blue Cheese

Taste: V

It’s just not for me. I have been, and will continue to be, a vociferous supporter of the Sainsbury’s vegan cheese line – please make more vegan products – but, to me, this cheese misses the mark. It’s got a weird rubber texture and tastes, in my opinion, a little like Starburst sweets, but with a bitter undertone.

Ease: VV

I don’t really know what I’d do with this cheese, other than serving it on a cheese platter or add it to salads, which to me makes it less versatile than other cheeses in this range. But to be fair to the product, because I personally don’t like the cheese, I haven’t been very experimental with my recipes including it.

Cost: VVV

As with all the vegan cheeses in the Sainsbury’s line, I think £2.25 is a fair price for the amount of cheese, but I only give it a score of 3 V’s out of a possible 5 because I don’t think it’s budget friendly for everyone.

Availability: VVVVV

If you have a Sainsbury’s close by and you get there before all the other cheese loving vegans, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on.


Since taste is a pretty subjective thing, I wouldn’t want to defer other cheese lovers from trying this cheese, as everyone has different tastes and preferences, but it’s not my personal favourite, which is all I am sure you’re all aware the caramelised onion vegan cheese from the same range. So, go ahead and try it, in fact, make cool recipes with it and tag @veganscran on Instagram so I can see them and be inspired – after all I have a lot of cheese left and nothing to do with it.

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