Sainsbury’s: Caramelised Onion Cheddar

Caramelised onion vegan cheese in a pack

Taste: VVVVV

This is the cheese to end all cheeses. I have never, in my long 24 years, eaten a cheese that is this perfect; it melts, it gets crispy, it has little bits of caramelised onion in it. Words cannot come close to describing this cheese – it is the ambrosia of vegan cheese.


If you have a Sainsbury’s, this will be in its cheese aisle along with its other vegan cheese siblings, all of which I recommend in this more in-depth cheese review, nestled there looking up at you like cheesy perfection.

Cost: VVVV

£2.25 for a block of cheese! That’s pretty good, however, I haven’t given it a 5V review because, if you have a budget for £30 – if so check out these tips – it’s a big chunk of your weekly spends.

Availability: VVVVV

I have never been in a Sainsbury’s and not been able to get this cheese; I don’t like to think what would happen if that happened! So, yes, it’s very widely available.


Drop what you’re doing and go buy cheese – this cheese – NOW!

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