Marks & Spencers: Christmas Chestnut Roast Wrap

Marks and Spencers Vegan Chestnut Roast Wrap

Image Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Taste: VVVVV

This wrap tastes like Santa made it for you – an early Christmas gift of sexy vegan taste. It’s all the best parts of Christmas; chestnut roast, cranberries, and chutney with exciting additions like grape and a red pepper tortilla, which accumulates in a real taste experience.


If you’ve got an M&S local to you, it couldn’t be easier to buy, unless other Christmas crazed vegans have got there before you.

Cost: VVV

So, the wrap is £3 which don’t get me wrong, for a wrap, isn’t cheap. It’s not an everyday price – I’m from the North, I like things to be cheap – but for a treat or for when you’re out and about and need a sarnie in a pinch, it’s reasonable.


Urm… Well, you go into M&S, you buy it, and then you eat it.

Availability: VVVV

As previously stated, as long as no one gets there before you and buys out the place, it’s widely available.


If you have three quid then go crazy – try one and be impressed. In fact, buy one, take it home, toast it, and be more impressed.

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