Before you read on, I urge you to watch the video here:

Taste: VVVVV

This recipe is a sexy one, there is no way around it. BEST vegan curry I’ve ever eaten.

Ease: VVVV

Other than the obvious issue with a video recipe – the constant pausing and re-watching – it’s easy to follow and cook, and required no specialist equipment.

Cost: VVV

Since a good proportion of my life is spent cooking, I didn’t need to buy much that I wouldn’t buy usually buy so, for me, it was a cheap meal to cook. However, if you needed to buy all the ingredients, it would come to about £16.20 based on a Sainsbury’s shop and jackfruit from an average Asian market.

Time: VVVV

It took me about 45 minutes to cook this recipe, so I think it’s completely achievable for a fancy evening meal or a weekend tea, but not so much if you come home from work tired and hungry.


Depending on what’s already in your pantry, I strongly suggest you go and cook this delicious food up for yourself!

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