Alpro Caffè Coffee: Soy Caramel and Hazelnut

Alpro Drink Caffe Soy Caramel

Image courtesy of Alpro

Taste: VVVVV

I just want to drink this until I explode from caffeine; it’s overwhelmingly tasty. If you like iced coffee, and then this is the one.

Cost: VVV

In my opinion, for what it is, it’s expensive especially since one carton gives you about four drinks (if you’re lucky). Saying that though, all iced coffee is overpriced, but for me, it’s a treat buy or an ‘it’s-on-offer-buy-seven’ kind of price.

Availability: VVVVV

From my understanding, all supermarkets stock this product, so it’s easy-peasy to get your hands on…


And get your hands on it, you should because this is well worth trying, even if it is a little bit pricey.

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