Lemon and Cheese Pasta

If there’s a food that we love, it’s pasta. Pasta is love. Pasta is life. So, make sure to check out this awesome citrus and cheesy pasta dish!

Creamy Vegan Carbonara

We at Vegan Scran love vegan cheese, especially with what you can make out of it. Check out this vegan cream cheese carbonara – it’s amazing!

Cheat Balls

Spaghetti is one of the best comfort foods, especially after a cold day outside. But nothing beats having ‘cheat balls’ served with it too!

Spicy + Decadent Lentil Bolognese

Roll up, roll up, as I present to you the best lentil bolognese in all the lands! If you love lentils, good spice, and wine, then this is the recipe for you!

Super Green Avocado and Garlic Pasta

This is a green machine of taste! If you are a fan of pasta, avocado, fresh ingredients, and green food, then this is the comfort food for you!

Super Scrummy Vegan Risotto

You wouldn’t believe that something that tastes so good takes so little preparation! Treat yourself with this super easy, super yummy vegan risotto!

Yummy Spicy Vegan Pasta

This is one of my friend-family’s favourites! From its humble beginnings as a ‘wing it’ pasta sauce to a much loved recipe I penned that is easy to make and delicious.