This year, as I’m sure you’re aware, we said ‘goodbye’ to 2017 on a Sunday and ‘hello’ to 2018 on a bright new Monday morning, and whether you groggily got out of bed hungover and confused that fateful Monday or you woke up early and had a New Year’s Day jog, January came to us all.

January is by far the most underrated and unnecessarily detested month of them all; we all moan about the weather and how poor we are after Christmas, as well as how unrealistic those resolutions we heaped upon ourselves during the twilight days of 2017 are, but January can be a fantastic shiny new starting point.

I’m a self-confessed lover of January; I think it’s the perfect time to make little changes in my life that I hope to keep or try for the year ahead. This year, I wanted a nice place to do my makeup – which I have now got, and let me tell you I feel fancy AF – to concentrate on health and happiness, and to focus more of my energy and love into my beloved website, as well as my other endeavours; watch this space.

New Year Fireworks

There is one resolution and January themed change I wanted to spotlight today, and that is Veganuary; the act of trying a vegan diet for all of January. As such, I wanted to make clear, though I’m sure it already is, that Vegan Scran is a place that supports vegans or those transitioning to a more plant-based vegan diet, at all stages, whether just for January, whether you’re slowly changing your diet piece by piece, or even if you’ve been a vegan since birth; we are completely non-judgemental and supportive. Now that being said, I have collected all my most helpful Veganuary articles here down below:

If you are a new vegan, check out my advice for vegan students here – the tips work for new vegans too:

Advice to Vegan Students

If you want to save money this January, have a look here:

Going Vegan on a Budget

If you’re struggling with body positivity due to all those crappy diet articles and adverts, have a look here:

How to be Confident in Yourself

And finally, if you want a bit of fun, have a quick look at your vegan horoscope here:

Vegans as Signs of the Zodiac


Thank you, Happy New Year, and lots of love
– Vegan Scran

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