Meet the Gang


Beckie Bellingham

At the heart of Vegan Scran is our 'Vegan Queen', Beckie. She is our brilliantly creative founder, innovator, resident Manc, chief content writer, and chef extraordinaire. If it can be cooked, Beckie can veganise it, and she is usually found in the kitchen smashing together some herbs to create healthy, hearty, amazing Northern, and international, grub.


Amy Boucher

The backbone of everything! If you need to contact us for a festival, show or gig, then you'll be dealing with Amy our bombastic PR lady. However, her contribution doesn't end there; she's a write and, by trade, historian who adds content in particularly interesting and zesty articles about different cities' vegan history, so stay tuned for that!

Our Tech Man, Joe

Joe El-khamlichi

The big man of tech who, after blasting his way through an MPhys, has spent the last year teaching himself programming to create this very website. Though he is usually behind the scenes making everyone else look good he is also a passionate, and talented, vegan baker. If you have any technical questions, queries or comments, he's your man.