…and welcome to Vegan Scran, a blog detailing my transitioning vegan household!

After much yo-yoing and deliberation in 2015 I sprung into the new year renewed and ready to commit to a vegan lifestyle. It’s been something I’ve toyed with for a long time, attempting to rationalise my love of animals, my passions for the environment and my love of home cooked fresh food, with my take-away habit, love for salmon, cheese cake and chicken curries. How could I truly, truly be passionate about the environment, animals, and clean food, if everything I did, ate and wore helped fund the monopolies  and industries that directly ruin natural environments, slaughtered and abuse animals, and negatively affected my own health and well-being?

Amazing berry smoothie bowl

I couldn’t be- hence deciding to become a fully fledged vegan.

My best friend and I (her being a committed vegetarian for 12 years) have decided to document our journey and our vegan story in hopes to help inspire others, as well as to hopefully reach out to other vegans for support all while posting tasty recipes, like for the meals pictured below.

Vegan chilli with a bread roll and cheese

Thank you!

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