Sainsbury’s Vegan Cheese Review!

With lots of excitement, a whole lot of memes and a little dash of controversy, ‘Gary’ burst onto the shelves on September the 28th. Excited, Amy and I got ourselves to our local Sainsbury’s (Lancaster) and rushed to the previously non-vegan friendly cheese aisle to pick up some of the nine new cheeses. We got there at 10am and it was a good job too as, when we checked back later on in the day, Sainsbury’s was sold out. We managed to pick up three of the new cheeses; ‘Caramelised Onion Cheddar’, ‘Feta-style’ and ‘Garlic and Herb soft spreadable cheese’, as well as a few other bits so we didn’t look like the cheese-aholics we were soon to become!

As I said, since that day I have not actually seen anymore of the cheese in Sainsbury’s –  it’s been totally sold out – which, although a little annoying as I wanted to try and review them all at the same time, is great! I mean who knew there were that many vegans in Lancaster (hellooooo – come to my house for tea), and it’s inevitable that, due to the buying might of the vegan consumers, soon enough ‘Gary’ will be sold at all Sainsbury’s (as I’m aware, some unlucky vegans do not have access to ‘Gary’- my heart goes out to you) and, on top of the immense success of this cheese and the media buzz it has caused, should undoubtedly – if capitalism is anything to go by – be great grounds for even more products and perhaps even other conglomerates to start selling their own ranges of vegan cheese, milk, yoghurts, chocolate, ice cream – the list goes on.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts – onwards and upwards to my cheese reviews!!

Caramelised Onion Cheddar

Caramelised onion vegan cheese in a packCaramelised onion vegan cheddar cheese

This is the absolute dog’s jewels – I cannot recommend it enough. It is hands down the best vegan cheese I have ever, ever, ever tasted. It melts perfectly and has a totally realistic taste and texture; pop this on your toast and you will enter vegan paradise. If you can get your hands on this cheese, do so and buy in bulk – it’s excellent!
5/5 – If Jesus was a cheese!


Bowl of pasta with vegan feta cheese

This cheese is also good and, although not a realistic replacement for feta, offers a new taste and texture to the cheese world. Granted it is still crumbly like feta but it has a slight taste of coconut which is not present in the caramelised onion cheese, giving it a little sweetness. I have tried this cheese in a salad (which was actually very pleasant) as well as a topping of a pasta dish – it melted – but I definitely suggest this as a salad cheese over anything else.

4/5 – New cheese on the block

Garlic and Herb Spreadable

Garlic and herb spreadable cheeseGarlic and herb cheese on crackers with olives

I’m not really a massive fan of soft cheeses. I wasn’t pre vegan – those dark times – but this is a revelation in cheesy joy. You can really taste the garlic and the herbs and it makes a lovely creamy moreish dip or spread on crackers, toast, rice cakes or on sandwiches with tomatoes – nom nom nom. I would certainly recommend if you were into Philadelphia pre veganism as it has a similar taste and texture.

4/5 Spread that Cruelty Free Joy!

All in all, the three cheeses I got are very impressive, so much so that I am now constantly on the prowl for more. I’ll be adding to this post as and when I have tried more of the range, which should be soon as I’ve just this second got my hands on the Wensleydale one – sneak peak of that in my last picture!! When my new website – update alert – is done and ready, I’ll be releasing a comprehensive guide to vegan cheese, bought and home-made.

Thank you and good luck finding your ‘Gary’s’


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