‘Because 2017 wasn’t bad enough.’

So, you’ve completed Vegan-uary, your skin is probably more glowy, you might have more energy, you feel like your health has been kickstarted… now what?

Well, why not try a little pus? Mess up your hormones by adding more hormones? Maybe you could join in facilitating one of cruelest farming practices known to man? Yup, it’s Febu-dairy!

This movement, from what my research has unearthed, has been universally panned. There are more articles insulting it than there are even explaining what it is, let alone articles glorifying it. The month-long movement is the ‘brain child’ of Dr. Jude Capper who has encouraged those participating to swarm Twitter with 28 days of ‘cute calves’, ‘#cheese on crumpets’, ‘belligerent bulls’ and ‘juicy #beef #burgers – who’s in?’[1].

Yes, let’s pop a picture of a happy smiling bull next to a burger because that’s not sick at all. Another prominent speaker for this ‘hardly a movement’ movement is Emily Norton, whose 2017 blog post stated the need to celebrate “the wonder of cows, the undoubted warmth and emotional connection being around these amazing creatures”[2]. After all, I always forcefully impregnate animals and humans I feel emotionally connected too- don’t you? No? Strange that.

Now, let me not come at this from an overly preachy viewpoint. It’s not like I understood the immense cruelty involved in dairy farming, even three years ago, so I can understand how someone reading this or reading any vegan’s reply to Febu-dairy may wonder how something as seemingly innocuous as a glass of milk can provoke such upset, anger and protest, and that is because the practices of dairy farming are very well hidden.

I’m not going to list or detail them here, but I will provide some web pages and suggestions of documentaries at the end; proceed with the knowledge that once you know, you cannot unknow, and with that new-found knowledge comes the responsibility to make better food and beverage choices.

Furthermore, I completely understand that, with the enormous growth of veganism and dairy free alternatives during the last few years (yay), the dairy industry is losing profit, and some farmers are losing their livelihood. I personally don’t think that makes it okay to commit mass cruelty to animals, and the protest when an animal rights and/or vegan group reveal what smoke and mirrors have hidden from view. Perhaps dairy framers could, rather than blaming consumers for seeing through their ‘nice-framer’ guise, maybe move with the times and create more marketable and cruelty-free products – after all, vegetables need to be farmed, right?

In conclusion, Febu-dairy is probably the most ridiculous and offensive things to blight February – a month to show love – and I’m glad vegan Twitter has shut it down so spectacularly.

Feb-almondmilkandsainsbury’scaramlisedonioncheese-uary anyone? Also, on a non-related related note, can everyone in the Lancaster UK area please stop buying the Sainsbury’s caramelised onion cheese? It’s been three weeks now since I’ve been able to get any, and it’s ruining my 2018 – try the chive one.






Documentaries (can be found on Netflix):


Forks over Knives



[1][2] – http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/what-febudairy-vegans-attack-social-media-campaign-promote-cows-milk-1655677

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