Meaty March

We saw the rise and dramatic fall of Febu-dairy, and last month we saw Meaty March; but how successful was it? Well, we can safely say it totally collapsed.


Febu-dairy is probably the most ridiculous and offensive things to blight February – a month to show love. Check out our opinion of it here!

Vegan Life Hacks

It’s getting close to the end of Veg-anuary, and we are always here to help you on your journey. So, we’ve got a list of life hacks to make your days easier!

New Year, New Me

This marks the beginning of Veganuary; a time where new or veteran vegans can experiment with their vegan lifestyles. Check out our awesome tips here!

Vegan Scran Website Update

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been making some changes and they are now live! Take a look at some of the things we’ve made better for you!

Vegans as Signs of the Zodiac

Have you ever thought about how vegans can be represented in the Zodiac? Well, this fun and quirky article describes vegans as signs of the Zodiac!

There will not be any new posts for the rest of this week, due to the attack on Manchester last night. I am from Greater Manchester and this horrendous attack, which many of us feared but none of us could have possibly imagined, has shaken us all to our core.

The Reasons Why Eggs Are So Evil

Eggs are one of the most consumed items in the world, and one contains more cholestorol than 172g of bacon. See our reasons why eggs are so evil!

How to Get a Quality Night Sleep

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep every now and then, check out these little hacks that I do to have a restful and cosy night sleep.

Ask a Silly Question, Get a Silly Answer

Have you ever been asked a stupid question and wanted to scream at that person? Here are some bonafide stupid answers to get you through the vegan life.