Going vegan is a great way to save money whilst at University; honestly, I wish I had been vegan back then – oh, the money I’d have saved. On top of that, it’s ethical, nutritious, conscientious, and has the added benefits of making hangovers more bearable as well as keeping Freshers’ flu at bay.

So here are my top tips and tricks:

  • Find your local market! Your food will be heaps cheaper, you’ll be giving money to the city you now live in, and chances are it’ll get you out of the ‘student bubble’ and socialising with locals and exploring your new environment.
  • Cook in batches for evenings when you’ve got to dash from lecture to essay to lecture, to party and the squeeze in sleep. This will also probably get you some new mates who can steal some if they’re in a rush too.
  • Grow your own – okay, I get it, I’ve lived in rubbish accommodation in my first year, but I did have a windowsill. Get some herbs on there and you’re half way to being a real life famous gardener. Also, do some research, as some universities – my university Lancaster included – have land you can grow vegetables and fruit in; your food will be almost free!
  • Go plant based! If you go vegan and go straight to vegan ready meals, vegan Quorn, vegan yoghurt, and vegan cheese – not to insult these products, I eat and enjoy them – you’ll probably not see a massive drop in your weekly shopping bill. However, if you buy mainly legumes, vegetables, and fruit, you’ll see a massive decrease; chickpeas, spices, rice, chopped tomatoes, and onions are all you need for a poor man’s cuzza!
  • Shop around, since you’ll most likely have at least one day off as a student – I had two, it was epic! Use this time to explore your new surroundings and pick up bargains. When I go food shopping, there is almost no shop in Lancaster left unentered.
  • Join a society. Whether vegan or vegetarian, you’ll make friends, have fun, learn more, and be able to organise cheap days out.
  • Order free vegan guides or products online; one quick google search will turn up loads of these types of products and samples because vegans want other people to become vegan, so we give out free things!
  • When shopping online for food always do a quick google search for voucher codes – this is a magical trick!

Basket full of fruit and vegetables!

If you keep yourself thrifty with all this advice, before you know it, you’ll be a vegan money saving machine!

Psssssstttt… If you’d like me to create a student-friendly shopping list to save you both money and time, just holla in the comments or contact page.

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