Why I’ve Disappeared…

There is no way about it, recently I have been less than active (which I apologise for), but I solemnly swear I’ve had good reasons – mainly being the creation of a new and improved Vegan Scran webpage, which I’m super excited to announce should be ready by Halloween, as well as general work and life commitments.

So what will be on this new and improved webpage? Well, lots of recipes as usual, but also a lot more lifestyle blogs, which I’m aware are among my most popular, as well as the piloting a new weekly segment ‘Manc Mealtimes’ which will see me every Monday create a never before personally attempted vegan meal and post all about it. On top of that, of course they’ll be lot of Halloween and Christmas (the most magical time of the yearrrrr) recipes and DIY’s, and lots of witty vegan banter.

I hope you’ll come with me to watch this page grow and to cook some excellent vegan feasts this Autumn.

Thank you – Beckie.

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