Tofu and Greens Noodles

People don’t tend to eat tofu because they say it lacks flavour… I disagree. Check out this flavourful tofu recipe and you’ll be a changed foodie!

Peanut and Courgette Salad

If it’s a particularly hot day, which doesn’t come around often in Lancaster, then a great, light, healthy salad will be your best friend.

Oodles of Flavourful Noodles

Stir fry is awesome; it’s quick to make, tasty, and you can pack it full of vegetables… Or crispy tofu, if you prefer. Check out the recipe here!

Raw Vegan Banquet

As today has been veg day or market day in Lancaster, I had fresh produce to play around with and some yummy rice paper to keep them in veggie parcels of joy.