Lazy Vegan Breakfast ✨

Nutritional value per serving:

  • Calories, kcal
  • Fat, g
  • Saturates, g
  • Carbs, g
  • Sugars, g
  • Fibre, g
  • Protein, g
  • Sodium, g

It’s Easter morning, the clocks have gone forward, I’m recovering from a 12 hour night shift- time for a yummy and simple brunch! Wraps with all the trimmings.

This is what I prepared and how;

To begin with, the first thing I did was rinse some chickpeas and season them with a tablespoon of lemon, a pinch of salt and pepper, and some basil.

I chopped some carrots and peppers for some crunch then displayed them in some bowls.

Then I cooked some mushrooms in sesame oil, Β adding some linseeds after they’d cooked down nicely and added them to a bowl.

Next I added some left over M&S quinoa salad to a bowl and some vegan cheese.

The real star was Tesco’s mince, pictured here:

Tesco soya mince

I cooked this up with some garlic and onions mixing in some pepper salt, chilli flakes, chopped tomato and tomato purΓ©e.

Then I displayed everything on my breakfast table with some warmed up soft corn wraps.

Yummy yummy ✨✨✨

Bowls of veggies and pulses

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